House Boat Stays in Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park is one of the most visited National Parks on the African continent and one of the ways that you can explore it is on the Chobe River which starts from Angola and runs through the Kalahari Desert where it forms the border between Botswana and Namibia using houseboats. The Chobe River attracts a large crowd of different animal species, especially during the dry season allowing tourists to see them as they traverse the Chobe River in their luxurious houseboats. Houseboat safaris can be enjoyed all year round and the best time depends on the activities that you want, for example, the best time for game viewing, and guided nature walks on a houseboat is during the dry season which is from May to September and the best time for birding is during the wet season.

All the houseboats that traverse the Chobe River are officially found on the Namibian side but since it is a remote area, it makes it hard to be accessed from Namibia and that is why all access is done from the Botswana side in Kasane town.  There are flights from different places that land in Kasane and this makes it easy for tourists to transfer from the airport via road till they get to the dock.

There are several boats that you can choose from for your safari and you can either get them as a standalone tour or a Botswana trip. Below are the houseboats that you can check out as you plan for your Chobe Houseboat safari.

3 days houseboat safari package on Chobe River

All the houseboats that are used on the Chobe River offer luxurious rooms and trips to their guests. It is the perfect getaway for tourists who enjoy water activities while at the same time having great views of the different animal species like the large herds of elephants, crocodiles, and hippos among others.

Chobe River houseboat safaris top highlights include top birding excursions, guided game drives, cultural walks in the villages, seasonal fishing, and a catch and release activity.

Day 1: day 1 is all about boarding and after clearance from both Botswana and Namibia customs where the boats are officially stationed, a small boat will take you to the houseboat to officially start your houseboat safari. By the time you arrive in Chobe, you have already booked the houseboat you are going to use in advance and there are three houseboats that you can choose from and these are the Zambezi Queen, the Chobe princess boat, and the Pangolin Voyager boat.

Day 2: day two is filled with various activities that start in the morning with activities like game viewing, cultural visits, and sport fishing as you cruise along the Chobe River. You should however note that these activities are carried out depending on the season that you have visited Chobe and you will engage in only those that you have an interest in.

Day 3: this is the last day of your 3 days houseboat safari and it will start with breakfast before carrying out a few activities then you will be taken back to the dock marking the end of your houseboat safari.

The pangolin voyager Houseboat

If you ever want to explore Chobe National park along the Chobe River on the Botswana side from the comfort of your tented boat then the pangolin houseboat is your to-go boat. Formerly known as the Zambezi voyager, the houseboat is officially found along the Namibian border but can only be easily accessed from Kasane which is found in Botswana. The houseboat can house a maximum of 8 people who get to see the wildlife that will keep you entertained throughout your boat ride.

Activities carried out at the voyager depend on your interests and with the help of the staff on board that is ever present to help you with all your needs, you will be able to enjoy several activities which include bird watching, game viewing, and spot fishing among others. All you need to know is that there is a stream of unending activities that will keep you busy throughout your stay at the Pangolin Voyager.

The pangolin voyager provides luxurious accommodation facilities to its guests with 5 en—suite cabin rooms that are found on the lower deck. The rooms have an en-suite bathroom which has a shower and biodegradable toilets, comfortable beds with hand-sewn Egyptian cotton bed sheets, a cooling fan, and mosquito-proofed windows (the mosquitoes are quite many). The middle deck is where you will find the dining area and the lounge. There is an on-board chef who prepares all your meals throughout your stay at the Pangolin voyager starting with breakfast where either tea or coffee is served with a bowl of cereal or muffins are served, then lunch has a variety of dishes including dinner. After the early morning tea on the deck, a full English breakfast is served before other activities are carried out. All the meals are served in the dining area although you can enjoy your cup of coffee or tea while fishing out on the deck.

There are lots of facilities that are offered at the Pangolin voyager and these include an open air Jacuzzi which you can enjoy during the dry season to cook off the heat, a well-stocked bar, a lounge that is decorated with comfortable leather sofas, they provide the equipment needed for game viewing which includes cameras and binoculars and there is a library.

The prices on the pangolin voyager houseboat can change at any time and that is why we advise that you keep checking our website in case of any of these changes. The prices below are based on only two nights’ stay at the voyager and they include transfers to and from Kasane, full board accommodation, activities like game viewing and birding, tiger fishing comes at an extra cost, all local drinks and the price also includes an 8-seater boat for the various activities carried out along the Chobe River.

$4950 is to be paid for the exclusive use of the boat between April and October 2022

$2995 is to be paid for the exclusive use of the Voyager between January and March 2023

$5495 will be paid for the exclusive use of the boat between April and October 2023.

Note that the prices do not include laundry services, personal purchases, private transfers, and Gratuities. With its five well-designed cabin rooms, the pangolin can house a maximum of 8 people per visit.

Zambezi Queen Luxury Houseboat

The Zambezi Queen is located on the Chobe River on the side of Botswana offering 14 luxurious cabin suites for its guests. Guests can use a tender boat provided by the Zambezi Queen to explore the expanse of Chobe River while at the same time having great views of the wildlife that can be seen at the River Bank. Although the Houseboat is officially on the Namibian side, it is accessed through Kasane and prows the Botswana side. There is a launch on the Chobe which is close to the Chobe National Park where you guest board the Zambezi Queen

Zambezi Queen is made up of three decks with the lower deck having the curio shop, it also acts as a boarding area and it has a few suites. The middle deck has 14 luxurious suites with each having its private balcony where tourists have great views, each room has a ceiling since there is no air conditioning in the rooms, en-suite bathrooms, biodegradable toilets, and shutters to limit the African sun which by the way can get unbearable, especially during the dry season and other necessities. There are 4 main master suites which are found at the front part of the boat and these have a private outdoor area where you can relax before joining other guests for meals and other activities.

The Zambezi Queen houseboat has several departures giving guests a chance to choose between a 2, 3 or 4 night journey on the boat. The 2 night journey normally departs on Mondays and Wednesdays, 3 nights journeys on Fridays and 4 night’s journeys depart on Monday. The cost of each boat ride depends on the number of days you are planning on spending and the time of your travel. Below is an estimation of what you should expect to pay on the Zambezi Queen but note that these can change at any time without prior notice and the best thing to do is keep on checking our website for any updates.

March to November 2022           standard suite          ZAR 12460 per person per night (sharing)

Master suite             ZAR 14705 per person per night (sharing)


December 2022                             standard suite          ZAR 10285 per person per night (sharing)

Master suite             ZAR 12130 per person per night (sharing)


March to November 2023            standard suite          ZAR 13454 per person per night (sharing)

Master suite             ZAR 15881 per person per night (sharing)


Jan, Feb, and December 2023        standard suite         ZAR 11104 per person per night (sharing)

Master suite              ZAR 13099 per person per night (sharing).

The above rates include transfers to and from Kasane, full board accommodation and meals, soft drinks, safari activities like game viewing, birding, and fishing, half day 4×4 land game drives, quality local wines, and 14% VAT plus tourism levy. Things excluded from the rates include alcoholic beverages, laundry services, air tickets, additional safari activities, gratuities, visa fees, extra transfers, and personal purchases.

Several activities are carried out on the Zambezi Queen and these are divided into two that is activities carried out while on the boat and activities carried out in the surrounding areas. Game viewing is one of the main activities offered at the Zambezi Queen and this can either be done while on the boat or on land where a safari vehicle is provided for the tourists to enjoy a safari drive around Chobe National Park for half a day. Cultural visits can also be arranged and this helps tourists get to know more about the people living around the National Park and getting to know more about their culture and day-to-day lives, birding is best done during the wet season and you get to see numerous bird species, especially the migratory birds and when the season is right, you get to enjoy a fishing spree with other guests, especially in the morning hours and the most common fish species caught at the Chobe River is the Tiger fish.

The Chobe Princess boat

The Chobe Princess boats are three in number and these give guests a luxurious stay on a safari to Chobe National Park. Two Ichobezi safari boats and the pride of Zambezi merged to form the three houseboats that belong to the princesses under their unified name of Zambezi Queen Houseboat. The three boats should be booked in advance and they offer similar services to their guests with exclusive accommodation and safari activities.

The Chobe princesses are not so far away from Victoria Falls and can be got just right at the entrance of the Chobe National Park. Just like the rest of the houseboats that traverse the Chobe River, the three princesses are officially found on the Namibian side of the Chobe River but can be accessed from Kasane town which is on the Botswana side of the River. The boats can be boarded from Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, and Zambia and meet at Kasane town for the start of the houseboat safari in Chobe.

The Chobe princess has 4 spacious en-suite bedrooms with each having air conditioning, sliding windows where you can gaze at the water during your relaxing time, an en-suite bathroom with a hand basin, toilet and shower, a mosquito screen because of the many mosquitoes, toiletries like soap shampoo, towels and electronic safe and cupboards where you can store your clothes and other belongings. Each of these rooms has two beds which can be made as a twin or double beds depending on what you prefer.

The estimated rates at the Chobe princess houseboats have been listed below so that you can accordingly. These rates keep on changing from time to time due to unavoidable circumstances and that is why we advise that you keep checking with us to confirm whether the rates are still the same or have changed.

March to November 2022                  standard cabin            ZAR 9880 per person per night (sharing)

Superior cabin            ZAR 11855 per person per night (sharing)


December 2022                                    standard cabin            ZAR 7345 per person per night (sharing)

Superior cabin            ZAR 8815 per person per night (sharing)


March to November 2023                   standard cabin           ZAR 10667 per person per night (sharing)

Superior cabin            ZAR 12801 per person per night (sharing)


Jan, Feb to December 2023                 standard cabin           ZAR 7932 per person per night (sharing)

Superior cabin            ZAR 9528 per person per night (sharing)

The rates include soft drinks, house beers and wines, fuel, all the park fees, fishing licenses, activities like birding, fishing and guided nature walks, tender boats, transfers to and from Kasane, and tour guides throughout your safari. It however does not include gratuities, visas, and premium brands.