Nature Guided Walks in Chobe National Park

Guided walk safaris are the ultimate way of exploring Chobe National Park on foot. Some trails take you through the National Park getting you closer to nature as you get to see the animals, birds, and vegetation up close. A guided nature walk usually offers a unique perspective of the ecosystem, plant life, and wildlife and it is a good way to exercise after sitting in a safari vehicle for the game drives.

Guided nature walks teach you how to track animals because even though you get close to the animals, they shouldn’t notice that you are watching them, you should know the routes to take to avoid face-to-face interaction with the wildlife and know where they have gone. All this is taught to you by an experienced tour guide who gives you the basics of learning how to track and keep out of sight. Learning and this will keep you safe while in the jungle because most wild animals do not like trespassers on their territory.

Chobe National Park provides a flat terrain that is good for taking guided walks. Unlike hikes that take on long terrains, a guided walk is always a slow affair where you can make a stop and enjoy the pristine weather, smell of the wild and look out for the wildlife.  Local tour guides are always in tune with their surrounding during a nature walk and you will also have to do the same.  Get to experience the untouched wilderness in Chobe with some of the most experienced tour guides.

Highlights from nature walks include several bird species some of which include the African skimmer, white-backed night heron, Thrush nightingale, Souza’s shrike, re-necked falcon, swamp nightjar, half-collared kingfisher, broad-billed roller, greater painted snipe, Knysna Turaco, African hobby, brown firefinch and African marsh harrier among others.  Animals seen on nature walks include elephants, hippos, giraffes, kudus, impalas, sable antelopes, wildebeest, red Lechwe, and bushbucks among others. Note that guided nature walks are usually carried out in places that are not close to predators to avoid attacks.

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What to wear on walking Safari

Neutral colors: the reason why neutral colors are the best for walking safaris is that they blend in well with the wilderness and do not attract attention from the animals. You do not want to be seen by wild animals while on your walk because they are so unpredictable. Do not put on blue, black, and white since they attract insects especially blue (it attracts Tsetse flies) and the bright colors easily show dirt. Avoid camouflage clothes as well because they are associated with the army. Get neutral colors like Khaki, brown or grey.

Long-sleeved shirts and long pants: The long-sleeved shirts and pants are to cover and protect your skin from branches, twigs, and tree scratches and not forgetting insect bites. They also protect you from the sun which might cause sunburn. Chobe’s weather is unpredictable that is it can be extremely hot one minute and the next the rains start. Be ready for anything with the right clothing.


Closed shoes: there is no way that you are going to go for a guided nature walk in open shoes or sandals in Chobe because of the many insects, reptiles, and other dangerous things that can bite you as you walk through the bushes.  Make sure that the shoes fit perfectly, they shouldn’t be so heavy so that you can easily walk in them but they should be sturdy. If possible put on some socks before putting on the shoes to avoid getting blisters on your feet.

Avoid using strong perfumes or cologne: no one is saying that you shouldn’t use your deodorant as you set off for your morning walk but we advise that you do not use strong cologne that will turn away the animals just because of your scent.

Rules that you need to follow while on a guided nature walk

All activities that are carried out in the wilderness have rules and regulations that need to be followed for one to be able to keep safe while at the same time enjoying what the wild has to offer. Below is a list of rules that every tourist is supposed to follow while taking a guided nature walk in Chobe National Park.

Listen to your guide: your tour guide irrelevant of their age knows exactly what they are doing and you need to follow every instruction that they give to you before you start your nature walk. A reminder will be passed on as you walk to keep yourself safe and the animals safe as well.

Walk in a single line: walking in a straight line behind the tour guide is to keep you safe from attacks from animals and to properly account for everyone.

Try as much as possible to stay with your group in times of danger. In cases where animals approach your group, the ranger will fire a rifle in the air to scare them away but do not make any mistake of running away because you will be chased.

Just like in game drives, you should use low tones while communicating with each other so that you do not attract the attention of the wildlife.

Besides nature walks within Chobe National park, there are so many activities that are carried out and these include boat cruises along the Chobe Nature, game drives around the National park, birding which is best carried out during the wet season, and cultural visits in the nearby villages where you get to meet different locals.

Best time to go for nature walks

Guided Nature walks are best carried out during the dry season when the trails are not wet and slippery. It is also the best time because many animals can be seen during this time. You can still however go for a guided walk during the wet season which is from November to April. Note that the rains might come in heavy but they are short and you can still participate in the nature walks in the gazette areas.